Feliz Martiz, Director / Writer

Felix Martiz is a native Angelino, he was born to immigrant parents;
his father is Ecuadorian and his mother Mexican. His passion for cinema began at a young age, from the moment his elementary teacher
showed him a film called 'The Red Balloon'. "I craved to understand how a film could stir up so many emotions in me." His appreciation for the cinema only grew with every film he viewed.

As a kid he began to write short scripts and with a camera, friends and family, he began to realize his stories. In High School he attended a video production course, where he made award wining PSA's. Then one day "I finally accepted that this passion of film that I had, was more than just a hobby. So, I quit my job and went back to school." Through East Los Angeles College he was accepted into Long Beach State, there he entered the film program.

In May 2009, he graduated from Cal State Long Beach Film School. As a student, he's made four short films, one of them 'Cheating Hearts' won a Gold Remi Award for 'Best Dramatic-Short Subject Film' at the 42'nd Houston International Film Festival. His latest film La Paz was written and filmed during his last year in film school. La Paz is a Spanish language film that explores the psyche of human behavior. It has gone on to win among other awards, the 'Rosebud Award' the highest recognition from the Cal Arts Media Festival. It has also played in festivals in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York. Felix continues to write and is currently promoting his independent feature directorial debut, Santiago.

Jan-Michael Losada, Director of Photography

Haling from Argentina, Jan-Michael Losada was raised in Orange County, CA USA. Originally beginning as a still photographer, Jan-Michael began shooting films in 2007. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in cinematography from California State University, Long Beach in 2009.

Daniel Woltosz, Producer

Daniel Woltosz is a producer who loves to be involved with projects from story development through distribution. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from California State University, Long Beach in 2009 and won the top award for Best Short Film at the CSU Media Festival. Many of his films and music videos have shown at both domestic and international festivals with many garnering top awards. He currently is developing a large budget period feature film with Iron Compass Entertainment, of which he is a managing member.

Jae-Do Kwon

Jae-Do Kwon earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from California State University, Long Beach in 2009 and won the top award
for Best Short Film at the CSU Media Festival. He has since produced many award-winning films and music videos in United States and Europe. He resides in Belgium and is developing his next feature film.