Jesus Guevara

Jesus R. Guevara was born in Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of 13 he felt the need to express himself; this need took him to his first starting roles at his high school. That experience will change his life forever, making acting an instant passion.

Taking on a variety of acting roles trough high school, he decided to continue feeding his need for acting by joining the Theater Group of the Metropolitan University of V enezuela. Through his years of theater studies, he took his acting to levels he could’ve never imagined; gaining praise from his teachers, fellow student, and most

importantly, the audience. Jesus created a reputation for himself as a leading man on all theatrical productions for the University.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2005 to continue his studies, but this time it would be method acting what caught his attention. Entering a two year Meisner program with the prestigious Joan Baron D.W Brown Studio in Santa Monica, CA Jesus kept growing as an actor taking on great leading roles on plays like, “Butterflies are Free,” “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” and “True West.”

After graduation, he couldn’t stop his passion for wanting more. In order to go even further he found the renamed and acclaimed Chubbuck Technique with Ivana Chubbuck, and the Improvisation school of The Groundlins, where keeps on studying and developing his skills, or as he puts it “Keep on playing.”

Dan Lopecci

Dan Lopecci starred in the lead role of “La Paz”, an award-winning short film. Lopecci continues to stay busy in the art of acting including commercial work, film, television, and theater.

Wesam Keesh

Wesam was raised most of his life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He attended Union High School and followed up the rest of acting, theater, and film study at the University of Tulsa. He spent a summer in London at Imperial College focusing on theatre and the arts. Wesam moved to Los Angeles immediately after college to begin his professional film and television career.

Romina Peniche

Romina Peniche was born and raised in Mexico City. She was raised in a family of actors, her parents and older siblings performed on film, TV and theatre. At age 9 she started her training in Classic Ballet at The Ballet Academy of Mexico. It gave her discipline and was the foundation for her career in acting. She has participated in plays since she was in middle school and has worked on film, Voice over, TV shows and commercials, doing both acting and voice overs in Mexico and USA. Her first co-starring role in the USA was in the movie 'Santiago'. She wrapped filming The Road Project, co-starring along side with William Forsythe and Walter Perez. She participated in The Booth at the end next to Xander Berkley. She also had the privilege of training with some of the best teachers in Los Angeles and the joy of working with many talented actors. She is fluent in Spanish and English.